Every business needs a website

YES, we believe EVERY business needs a website


By having your own website you have a powerful marketing and customer service platform that you and your business own and control, and no-one can take that away.

We have always believed that businesses should proactively use their website to service and communicate with their customers. Yes, it will sometimes mean more work, and can cost a little extra. And yes, you will have to blog.

But think about it, you own and control a direct line to your potential and existing customers that no-one, not even Facebook, can take away from your business.

It’s time to take your business directly to your clients, and in doing this through your own website you have complete control over when, how, and with whom you are communicating.


Users want more than a couple of pages about your services and contact information. The web is not a static object and nor should your website be. Websites need to be loved with fresh content, melded to SEO best practices, and interact with your audience.

There are many pieces to the technology puzzle to produce a great website and this is where we excel; by becoming your tech partner and helping you to put the puzzle pieces together and helping you to manage them on-going. Allowing you to focus on producing content and communicating with your users, be they existing or potential clients.

At Duelling Pixels, we build and host great websites for all types of businesses and budgets, from pro bloggers, to bricks and mortar businesses.


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