Guerrilla Visual

Guerrilla Visual

A blog and portfolio web platform for photographers, digital artist, CGI artists and more…

Features include built-in SEO tools,  social media integration and intuitive design for mobile devices.

Mr Clipping Paths

Mr Clipping Paths

Mr Clipping Paths is online clipping paths and deep etching service for photographers, online stores and fashion makers.

Capture Tree

Capture Tree is a free online resource created by industry experienced photographers to help the next generation by providing inspiration and information on the business of photography.


Retouch Infantry

 A purpose built website hosting platform for photographic retouchers and digital artists


some the feature the platform are


File Hub

Two way file transfer between yourself and your clients.

  • Clients can send you files ZIP, RAW (cr2, nef, fff,  IIQ) TIFF, EIP, DNG and PSD’s to you, 
  • You can use the file hub to send these types files back too.
  • Add private links to external files.


Online Portfolio

Showcase your skills and capabilities with an online portfolio.

  • Set your own categories.
  • Built in Before and After feature.



Social Integration

Built in integration with Facebook, Instagram and Google +.
Anywhere we can, will endeavour to add better social integration.



Build an audience with your own blog

  • Keep your clients up to date with what work you having been doing.
  • Capture new clients.
  • Built in Google authorship 
  • Improve your website SEO with regular content



Private messages

Communicate directly with your clients directly from the portal and track conversations.


Invoicing & Estimates

Invoice clients directly through the web platform.

  • Brand your invoice with your logo.
  • Paypal integration.
  • Clients can see past and present invoices.
  • Automated late payment reminders.