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Rethink your website.

Rethink how your website works for your business and customers.

It’s time to turn your website into your business platform to connect and engage more with your customers.

All great websites operate as a platform to connect two or more identities together. Facebook and Twitter, connect friends and users with similar interests across the world. Amazon and eBay connect businesses to customers.

You can can too connect your business directly to your customer base using your website to service and communicate to them.

It’s time to turn your website into a platform, allow customers to order online and give them the power to serve themselves when your business doors are closed. Give them convenience!

Strengthen the relationship between you and your customers, facilitate better order communication for services and products. Give them access to past invoices and product warranties.  Build trust.

Educate, support and empower them through free and paid memberships accessible via your website, or generate an extra income stream.

At Duelling Pixels we will work with your business to create a website that can service your customers online 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

How we can help your business

Streamline services and product order communication, build authority with knowledge, generate leads with exclusive content.