Did you know that each month in Australia

… there are 19860 searches for car associated signage. This figure increases by 50% when including a major capital city in the search term ie Melbourne or Sydney.

… there are 1300 searches for nursery wall stickers.

… there are 1000 searches for a signage printing company in most capital cities within Australia.

The phone book is long dead, people are searching for services from their phone and iPads tying those few words into the browser search bar. By not having a website with content targeting these keywords. You will not appear in the search results, therefore your business is completely off the radar for these people searching for a print solution.

What happens if you do appear in those search result? Well, if you were able to convert only 1% of these searches into customers:

  • that would be new 198 car wraps
  • 13 happy mums with a stunning looking nursery
  • 10 new local business that you work with

How much is one customer worth to you?
How much would be 10 new customers to you?
How much would 198 new wraps be worth to your business?
How much would 13 nurseries with a feature wall printed by you be worth to your business?

At Duelling Pixels, we partner with our customers to create websites to engage with users and drive more business. By using content that is optimised for search engines, create quality backlinks, write guest posts and on-page SEO we can help you turn the people behind these searches into customers.

Introducing our exclusive

HP Application Center website packages


Not only designed to give printing businesses an engaging online presence, but our websites also give your business the ability to receive jobs unattended, enter new markets and sell your printing services directly online.

From advertising banners to canvas prints, stickers, magnets, wallpaper or feature wall artwork, you can sell your printing services online.

All orders are submitted directly to your HP Application Center ready for you to approve before sending to your printer. From streamlining your order submission process to selling exclusive wallpaper or cushions covers in collaboration with local artists. The new possibilities for your business are almost endless.

HP Application Centre Device Mockup

Streamline & automate order production.

Customers can submit and purchase print jobs online at any time of the day.

Receive print-ready PDF files from your customers and provide them with installation instructions and on order confirmation.

Get paid upfront, money in the bank before you print.

Automatically charge for shipping and installation costs, depending on the product order and the customers’ location.

Device Mockup Kreativ Pro

Enter new creative markets and sell …

  • Print artwork on cushions, blinds and T-shirts.
  • Feature wall artwork
  • Canvas Prints, custom posters and stickers
  • Wrapping paper

Team up with locally based artists and illustrators to print exclusive copies of their artwork on different media.

Device Mockup Application Designer

Integrated cloud-based design tools.

Integrated cloud-based design tools to allow any user, child upwards to create stunning and engaging artwork for their printing requirements.

Integrate third party stock photography and vector artwork libraries.

Designs can be saved and reused anytime.

Device Google Mobile Search

Unique SEO written content.

We work with you to create unique and search engine optimised content so that your business is found online.

Device Mockup Simple Theme 3

Mobile responsive website designs allow your customers to order online from any device.

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