E-Commerce offers today’s business great opportunity to expand into new markets and service its customers or clients more efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether your business sells products or services. E-Commerce gives your business the power to streamline the business process through a central portal.

An ecommerce website will …

  • Give customers the confidence to buy from you any time of the day.
  • Give customers the confidence their order is being processed by the business.
  • Use data to better determine how your marketing and sales are working.

It’s a win/win situation for both you and your customers. At Duelling Pixels we can help develop a customised website to suit your business needs. We can help you with …

Online Product Catalogue

There are many great benefits to listing your product range in an explorable online catalogue. Not only it allows current customers and potential customers to review the products available, but it can also help improve your SEO standings with unique content and increasing user session duration (which Google loves).

With our online product catalogue, we implement an online e-commerce store with your product range and replace the cart and checkout functionality with an enquiry or request a quote form. An online catalogue allows customers to research your products range in their time, increasing user engagement and empowering customers to make purchase decisions quicker.

E-Commerce Retail and Wholesale Store

Do you service both retail and wholesale markets? Or have multiple price points for your products.

At Duelling Pixels we can help your business sell and service multiple markets via your website.  With intuitive technology, we set your e-commerce store with percentage based tiered pricing or specific tiered pricing for your different market segments.  Retail and wholesale customers see the same product information and stock amounts, though they will see a different price point.  

Using the one system to sell to both retail and wholesale customers can reduce stock management, streamline ordering processes and save on administration costs. Let everyone be on the same page!

Optional extensions allow reliable inbuilt technology and integrations to third-party services to further automate business tasks, order processing, product delivery and communication.