Do You Need a Website Makeover?


If your site is looking a bit stale and static, here’s 5 easy ideas for a website makeover

Change the Images

Make sure any photos of you really show your personality and are recent, it’s always a bit weird when you meet someone in person (or on Skype!) and you can tell their website photos were taken 10 years ago.  Maybe it’s time to invest in a professional photo shoot so you have images you really WANT to share.

Also think about your branding and image definitions, are you clearly conveying your message visually?  If not, time for an update.

Photography by Dietmar Becker
Photography by Dietmar Becker

Review Your Content

In particular focus on your About Page; does it still reflect you, and what you offer?  Are you speaking directly to your clients about what the benefits are to them of working with you?

Ask a friend or supportive fellow biz-person to read over it and let you know if they easily understand what you’re about.

Update Your Sales Page & Pricing

Re-think any sales pages and definitely your pricing; is it reflecting your value, or is it the same as it was when you started the website?

Does the sales content really tell your potential client the story of what they NEED to buy from you?  Is this information easy to find on your website, or is it hidden away?

Change Your Opt-in

Try something different, it doesn’t mean you just throw away that great opt-in you slaved over, there’s often a way to repurpose it.  Don’t have an opt-in?  Time to create one! 

If you’re really stuck for ideas, think about what your clients are always asking you, or what they struggle with the most.  The brainstorm what you can do to help them.

Blog, Blog, BLOG!

If you haven’t blogged for ages, get inspired!  Look for ideas all around you; visit your favourite bookstore or newsagent for something that inspires you, go for a run or walk in the bush or at the beach, meditate – whatever it takes to fire up that spark again.

Try to mix it up;  if you always write, have a go at recording a video, or putting together a cool visual to share your knowledge.  Read this blog post by Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted to get 3 easy ideas for creating killer visual content.

Still feeling stuck?  Part 2 will be out soon with more ideas.  

Leave a comment and tell us – what are you most unhappy with about your current website?


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