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We have being a bit quiet on the blog front in the last weeks, this due to our focus and work on our new online studio. Designed to be a single online portal, Duelling Pixels Studio is a curated collection of quality and reliable service providers of digital and visual services for ecommerce website owners and digital agencies.

The big world wide web is absolutely awesome these days with what can be ordered online. This however, does mean that anyone can do it and with service marketplaces like Freelancer or Fivver. The affordability and ease of finding the right service provider is easier than ever right?!

Well, we all hoped for this didn’t we? The truth is one can spend more time on finding the right provider than actually getting the work done. Or one needs to start spending money to try out and see whether the service is as good as it says it is. And this does not always end with the required result. Using Google does not offer much better time saving measures either.

Why our studio is different?

Our vision behind the Studio was to bring together a curated collection of reliable and consistent service providers for digital agencies and small business owners who run an ecommerce website. We wanted to create a one stop shop for product photography and retouching services, a single place that you can come back to time and time again knowing that you will get your work done to same standard each time.

Not only that, we wanted a single hub for our clients to manage job uploads, downloads and invoices. As a small business ourselves, we appreciate the value of easy access to billing and job information via a customer portal. This offers many benefits, most notably it saves time in managing jobs and administration for you.

On the launch of Duelling Pixels Studio we are excited to announce the first two talented artists to come onboard, Clint Peloso and Lauren Dalton.

Clint Peloso is a very talented photographer who is exceptional at his craft. Based out Melbourne, Clint shoots regularly for major companies like Myer, Bond and the Just Group.  With years of experience photographing for the fashion industry, Clint will give the full service treatment out of his studio in Elsternwick.

View Clint’s services

Lauren Dalton is a digital retoucher with a great eye for detail. The care taken in her artistry will mean you will get great looking product images that your customers will love. If have chosen to shoot your product photography yourself inhouse, Lauren’s retouching services are a great option to outsource image post production at an affordable cost.

View Lauren’s services

Duelling Pixels also offers a number of basic photography and retouching services for companies that are after a economical solution. For the full list of services available at Duelling Pixels Studio go here.



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