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Kylie Patchett

I first came across Kylie Patchett’s mindset work while deliberating about signing up to Marie Forleo’s B-School earlier this year.

I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for, but while checking out what people had to say about B-School, I listened to an audio that Kylie had posted on her Facebook page about goal planning for your business. It was totally the opposite of the goal planning I’d had trained into me from my corporate years, and it ignited a little spark in my mind.

The way Kylie explained it sounded totally doable to someone who finds forward-planning tough. It was about being flexible, flowing, and value-focused rather than about having 100 tasks to “tick off”. Kylie suggests that a good place to start is with Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map – how do I want my life to feel?

Since then I’ve picked up a number of Kylie’s mega mindset changing techniques and started to really see the results, so I wanted to interview Kylie for our Creative Spark series to share the goodness.

Kylie, what’s your superpower that you use to help women in business?

Mindset work is really about pattern recognition. So when someone is talking to me, I’m not listening to the words so much, as to the story underpinning what they are saying. So, what is the story they are telling themselves?

I also look at the big picture and have the ability to break that down into small, achievable chunks.

Finally, I think with my background in scientific training, combined with now being very spiritual, being able to bring both to the table is really beneficial.

So when did it click for you that mindset was the common thread that tied everything together to bring about success in business, in the way you wanted?

That was twofold really, I had a very medical-trained background, then while caring for dad, I tried out many things. I knew everything I *should* be doing but wasn’t doing it.

The turning point was realising that I had created everything in my life, even all the things I was unhappy with.
I knew then that I had the personal power to change it. It didn’t happen overnight, but I knew it was possible.

I think we don’t realise that just by virtue of being here, we all deserve a delicious life. We quite often know what we need to do, but just aren’t doing it. For instance, work-life balance still really tests me. It’s so easy to make work more important than self-care.

Also things like the belief that you have to work hard to make “good” money. What does that even mean!?! Money is just paper, or numbers in your bank account, but we assign so much weight and stress to it.

Rather than saying “I just won’t believe that anymore”, (i.e. that I have to work “hard”, it can’t be enjoyable) what I suggest is to try on a different mindset to see how it fits.

Then, work out, what would be good evidence of that shifting? So for work-life balance, if I truly commit to having that, for me it’s things like – I now have an office space, and I leave my computer there at the end of the day, plus I stay off social media on the weekend.

Think about “what would I have to DO differently to get to that endpoint?”.

We’re so conditioned to believe that it can’t be easy, flowing, and enjoyable to do the work we love. That it has to be hard. Really?!

And finally, with mindset – you must be vigilant. You can’t just do a few affirmations in the morning and then go about your day. Work out what tools work for you, stop and re-direct yourself when you’re getting off track. Keep checking in with yourself.

This leads me to HOW can we actually transform or release these negative beliefs and patterns?

I know it’s not as simple as “thinking positively”!

Keeping your eye on the endgame – what you really want to bring to your life and business.

I find goal setting really masculine, instead what I do is to decide “where I want to steer myself in the time period I’m planning for?” What would I be really stoked to have or achieve? And I set 3 goals from that. e.g. you might have an income goal, a list building goal, and a personal/health goal. Then every choice I make throughout that year must be filtered through these 3 goals.

You have to keep taking those small steps towards your goals. The key to entrepreneurship is taking consistent action towards what you want. Don’t put off making your sales calls until you “feel right”, when your goals are really worth pursuing, don’t get stuck in not feeling “in the right space” that day.

However, if you are getting stuck in your head, feeling like you can’t do it, try re-directing in some way – I call it stop, drop, meditate. I take a break, clear my head, and get my focus back on why I’m doing this.

If you try to really push on, your lizard brain will fight back, it’s such a strongly conditioned response to protect you. You have to find the way that works for you, it might be a walk, or one of my clients jumps on a mini trampoline until the energy shifts – whatever works for you. You need to know what disengages the “shit” talk in your head.

Also, having a belief buddy to talk to is so helpful. Someone who you can be completely honest with, who will call you on your stories, or remind you that yes, it’s hard right now, but it will pass. It needs to be someone you don’t feel you have to censor yourself with. Someone to give you a figurative slap in the face!

Another tip – stop and look back on what you’ve already achieved.

Having your own business is the biggest personal challenge you can undertake. You are constantly pushing up against your comfort zone, your upper limit. You have to build personal resilience, to be able to keep on getting back up again, and keep going. Looking back on the progress you’ve made really helps.

Something I also recommend, when we get caught up in our own mindset stuff, (I’m not good enough, I can’t do this, etc), is to remember – it’s not about me. It’s about providing what I can to the world, and if I’m not doing it, I’m ripping off the people I can help.

If you want to get a taste for what Kylie does, she’s teaming up with Natalie Macneil from She Takes on the World for a webinar on Tuesday, 9th December 2014, “SAY NO TO THE STATUS QUO: the whole truth about creating a sustainable + soulful business and brand, & How to make 2015 your best business year ever” find out more here.

Kylie Patchett is a world leader in self-mastery and a Mindset, Money and Mojo coach for women entrepreneurs. Her background in forensic and medical science and management grounds her in practical strategy and her deep knowledge and connection to human behaviour, spirituality, wellness and true self expression combine to give her a unique East meets West combination of Strategy and Soul to both her clients lives and businesses.

Kylie’s superpowers are challenging the status quo, scratching up self limiting BS and cheerleading her clients to make the same quantum shifts in soulful success that took her from a $12 000 first year to global six figure entrepreneur. Her life transformation program Destination Delicious and 12 months BS Free Mind Money Mojo Mastermind are in high demand for their life changing results.

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