Your business needs a custom-built, intuitive website that thrills and engages your customers. Without a great site, you’ll lose sales and miss out on conversion opportunities. Don’t leave your website design to chance: choose professional website design and development services from Duelling Pixels today.

Custom Design

With Duelling Pixels, you get a fully-bespoke website to suit your business niche. With a custom design, you can offer enhanced user experience and accurately reflect your brand ideals while avoiding off-the-shelf of template solutions that don’t serve customer needs.

Custom-designed websites offer a host of benefits. Your website will appear unique to customers, reflecting the unique vision of your company and helping to create brand impact. With a custom website, you can showcase all aspects of your brand identity and fully communicate your personality. There are no restrictions on what you can achieve.

Custom-designed websites are faster. Website builders need to offer platforms that cater to as broad an audience as possible. And while they provide plenty of functionality, the cost is speed and bloatware. Custom-designed websites only include the things you need to communicate and thrill your customers, nothing more.

Custom-designed websites are more secure. Website security is a significant issue for many businesses. Dualling Pixels works alongside you as security partners, developing a website that cuts your risk of a damaging breach.

Custom-designed websites are flexible. With a template website, you’re always on rails and can only do the things that the template designers allow. But with a fully custom website, you have free rein and can develop your site in any way you like. Bespoke websites enable you to customise the user experience and create maximum value.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Search engines now rank websites depending on their mobile-friendliness. Sites which do not fulfil specific criteria risk being pushed down the results. It’s crucial, therefore, that organisations build mobile responsiveness into website design, explicitly considering the needs of mobile users.

With Dualling Pixels, we partner with you to develop a mobile responsive website that will provide your users with lightning-fast service, no matter what device they might be using. With our help, you can target mobile users and gain higher rates of conversion.

E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce firms, including B2B and wholesale, need effective, responsive websites that provide world-beating user-experience. Data suggest that slow-loading e-commerce websites see declines in dwell time, conversions, and user experience. Dualling Pixels is here to help. We redesign your e-commerce business from the ground up, making it more user-friendly, and improving page-load speeds.

With us, you can better display products, improve your backend and ordering services, reduce cart abandonment, and customise promotions. Because we create bespoke websites, we can accommodate the precise needs of your firm, whether you sell direct to customers, through an intermediary, or to other businesses. You no longer need to suffer in silence. With efficient website design, you can achieve greater flexibility, expand your product lines with perfect freedom, better integrate with external payment services and much, much more.

Quality website design in the e-commerce space is more important than ever before. Choose us today to revamp your online shopfront and boost revenues.

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Membership Website Development

All kinds of firms require membership websites: sites that have gated pages only accessible to members. But combining barriers with a quality user experience is a challenge.

Duelling Pixels specialises in creating stunning membership websites that will attract new members while providing existing ones with a VIP experience. We consult with you on a range of membership options and then formulate code to achieve a seamless user experience. With us, you can bill members, create different membership levels, and process new and old members without having to redesign your site from the ground up. We give you the flexibility you need to adjust your membership model as your company strategy dictates.

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Improve SEO With Optimised Page Code

Data suggests that the first page of Google captures 71 per cent of search traffic clicks. Because of increases in the quality of search results, this figure may have risen as high as 92 per cent in recent years. Firms, therefore, that fail to get onto the first page of results risk losing a substantial amount of business. Users simply won’t go searching for your website if you are on page two or three.

At Duelling Pixels, we not only provide you with traditional on-page SEO optimisation but also delve into the website code itself to maximise ranking performance. Our goal is to help your site get as close to the top of the first page as possible for your chosen keywords. By intelligently editing the code to conform to SEO requirements, we can put your site at a structural advantage versus competitors in your space, driving both traffic and conversions.

Get Fast-Loading Pages

Did you know that for every one second delay in page loading, you receive 11 per cent fewer page views and 7 per cent fewer conversions? When it comes to loading times, every second will count.

Slow websites kill conversions, but at Dualling Pixels, we’re here to help. With us, you can finally guarantee fast-loading times and give your users the experience they crave. We not only delve into page optimisation but also take care of server-side issues that might be causing website slowdowns. We optimise page loading speeds for a variety of devices, including mobile and tablet. With us, you can dramatically improve page loading times and provide your customers with the quality of service that they expect and demand. Say goodbye to losing customers unnecessarily because of poor website experience.

Align Your Website With Your Business Brand

The only way to guarantee that your website aligns with your brand is to build it from the ground up. With Duelling Pixels website design in Melbourne, that’s precisely what you get. We work closely with you to formulate a unique design language and then translate that into a website form, providing your customers with a consistent brand message.

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