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Adding Australia Post integration to your WooCommerce eCommerce store has never being easier, thanks to the number of WordPress plugins that are now available. In this post we are going to run through adding Australia Post integration with WooCommerce with the Australia Post WooCommerce Extension plugin by WPRuby.

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The plugins comes in two versions, a free version and a Pro version, we will run through setting up both versions.

The free version adds regular Parcel Post and Express Post shipping methods, while the Pro version adds:

  • Courier Post and International Post shipping methods
  • Pre-Paid Domestic Satchels
  • Handling Fees and Discounts
  • Extra Cover
  • Signature On Deliver
  • Estimated Delivery Time


Setting up the free version

Let’s run through how to set the free version, it is surprising quick. First up, let’s make sure your store location settings are correctly configured before we add the shipping integration. In your WordPress dashboard Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > General Tab > General Settings and check that your Base Location is configured to where your store base is.




As the free version of the plugin only offers Parcel Post and Express Post shipping methods we will need to configure Selling Locations to Sell to Specific Countries. Another field will appear called Sell to Specific Countries, enter Australia.

Moving on to the Shipping Location field, select Ship to all countries you sell to and the Default Customer Location should be set to Geolocate.

With the store settings checked off, we can move onto installing the free Australia Post WooCommerce Extension plugin. Still in your dashboard navigate to Plugins > Add New, andin the search field on the right of the filter bar at the top of the screen enter Australia Post WooCommerce Extension .


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The Australia Post WooCommerce Extension by WPRuby plugin should be the first plugin that appears in the search results. Click the Install Now button and then the Activate button which appears in the same location was the plugin is installed.

Now that the plugin is installed, it is really simple to configure. All we have to do is add Australia Post to a shipping zone, and then add the Australia Post parcel API to complete the integration. Navigating to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping Tab > Shipping Zones.  Click the Add shipping zone button on the bottom right of the shipping zone table.

Australian_Post_shipping Method Add Shipping Zone

Then enter a Zone Name ie Australia and then enter Australia in the regions column. If your would like to restrict to a particular state, you could further define the region. Save your changes, and then click on the + sign on the far right to add Australia Post.

Australian Post shipping Method Add Shipping method

A pop up module will appear with a dropdown, select Australia Post and confirm changes by clicking Add shipping method button.

Australian Post Shipping Method Australia Post

Almost there! To automatically pull pricing from the Australia post website, we need to add an API Key to connect your website to the Australia Post website. Clicking on the Australia Post Shipping link in the shipping method column on the right hand side, this will take you to the plugin settings.

On the plugin settings page we need add an API key and set the postage origin post code. If you already have Australia Post PAC API key enter it into the API key field and set the Shop Origin Post Code to the location that the purchased packages will be sent from.

If you don’t have an Australia Post PAC API key follow this link and apply for a API key by follow the instructions on the Australia post website, it takes two seconds to complete and and API key will be sent by email to you.

WordPress Woocommerce Australian_Post Extentsion Plugin settings

Lastly on this page you can set the default package size of your store, if your products are similar size and you expect to use only one package size this is a great way to set that standard size. Otherwise, the size of each product is used to determine which packaging size will be used for shipping costs. (Products > Edit > Product Data > Shipping)


Setting up Australia Post WooCommerce Extension Pro version

To set up the PRO version you will first need to purchase the Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO plugin from WPRuby. Then upload the plugin to your WordPress install, this can be done by navigating to Plugins > Add New then clicking on the Upload Plugin at the top of the screen.

If you have installed the free version you should deactivate this version of the plugin. 

Once installed and activated, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping Tab > Australia Post Pro.  Like the free version of the plugin you can configure your Australia Post API keyShop Origin Post Code and Default package size.

However, the PRO version offers many more options and features, these include:

  • Handling Fees – Add and extra fee to each order, can be flat rate or percentage based.
  • Domestic Options – Set available Australia Post services for domestic orders.
    • Options are:
      • Regular/Parcel Post
      • Express Post
      • Courier Post
  • International Options – Set available Australia Post services forInternational orders.
    • Options are:
      • Economy Air
      • Economy Sea
      • Courier International
      • Express International
      • Standard International
      • Express Post International C5
      • Express Post International B4
      • Registered Post International Prepaid DL Envelope
  • Method availability – Set which countries are allowed to use the Australia Post shipping method on orders.
    • Options are:
      • All allowed countries
      • Specific countries
  • Rates – Set which rate/shipping method is shown during the order checkout process.
    • Options are:
      • Show all the options
      • Show only the cheapest option
  • Using Australia Post Satchels – Select whether you will be using Australia Post’s prepaid satchels. This can make the shipping pricing and sending a simpler process.
  • Delivery Time – Show Delivery Time Estimation in the Checkout page.
  • Enable Letters Shipping for small products – Will you be using standard letter envelopes for delivery?
  • Signature on Delivery – Do you require a signature on delivery, this will charge an extra shipping fee to the customer.
  • Extra Cover – Add extra insurance cover to deliveries, this will charge an extra shipping fee to the customer.

Configure the settings to your eCommerce store requirements and preference.

And so there you have it, how to integrate Australia Post with your WordPress / WooCommerce store.

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