Category: WooCommerce

All stuff related to the wonderfully awesome e-commerce plugin that is WooCommerce.  Here you find blog posts of our tricks and how to’s that we have learnt along the way of our WordPress journey.

Together, WordPress and WooCommerce can be a great e-commerce solution for any user, entrepreneur or business. And in any country for that matter! Matched with either the generic Storefront theme or with a premium StudioPress theme, a boutique online store can be set up in a day with shipping integrated.

The best bit is that just as with WordPress’s Plugin Directory that offers a bunch extra functionality for your website.  WooCommerce has a similar range of extra functionality extended by plugins that can be found on the WooThemes store or via WordPress’s Plugin Directory.

Most of our articles will be related to WooCommerce integration with Genesis Framework themes by StudioPress, but this e-commerce plugin is quite universal and the so anyone can easily amend the article’s points to any theme.