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WooCommerce Helper Plugin offers a great range of WordPress plugins, which WooCommerce calls ‘extensions’ to extend the functionality of the e-commerce plugin’s capabilities.  The extensions range from email newsletter and payment gateway integrations to membership and subscription functionality. Pricing of the extensions vary from free to a couple of hundred dollars, it just depends on the complexity and functionality of the extension.

Although they are WordPress plugins, the extensions are only available from and not ( That said there are plugins available for WooCommerce that are on, however these are affiliated or managed by )  This means that a valid WooCommerce account and valid license is required at all times to update these extensions from the servers. When you purchase or order an extension from you’ll be given a valid license for each purchase.

Installing WooCommerce Helper

In this post we are going to run through how to connect your website to your account to receive plugin updates. If you have a website hosted with us, the WooCommerce helper plugin will already installed and you can skip this section.

The first step is to download and install the WooCommerce Helper plugin, and install it on your website, via the Plugins > Add New admin menu item in the WordPress dashboard. The Add New admin page typically connects to plugin directory, we are going to ignore these and instead click on the Upload New button at the top of the page, and then select the file that you just downloaded in the finder window.  Activate the plugin on the successful activation screen.

Connecting to

Once activated, still in the admin dashboard navigate to the menu item Dashboard > WooCommerce Helper,  and the following screen below will appear. First up we need to connect our website to your account, click on the  Connect your Account button at the top of the page and follow the prompts on the following screens. Helper Plugin

Yes, it will be a little confusing at this point, as one is required to connect using a account. Why is Well Automattic the owner of bought WooThemes owner of WooCommerce, and is now aligning all their users account into one login system. So follow the prompts to connect your account correctly.

Validating Extension Licenses

Now that your website and account is connected, we can validate the subscription for each of our extensions. Under the Subscriptions tab is a table listing all the extensions that you are using. If you have successfully connected your website to your account, the License key for each extension will be retrieved from your account, and saved in the key field.

WooCommerce Helper Plugin Duelling Pixels

Click on the blue Connect Subscriptions button in the bottom left of the screen. This will validate the licences for the WooCommerce extensions that you are using in your account. Depending on how many extension you are using, this process may take a while to validate the licenses. Other information like the renewal subscription dates and whether there are are update available for each extension is also saved against each extension listed.

If there are updates, it is recommended that you update the plugins as ASAP. If you are a Duelling Pixels website customer we will automatically do this for you.

And that’s it, you are all done!










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