Our Stock Photos are back!!

After rebuilding our stock image library for the past two months, we are very excited to announce that our stock images are back.

Chicken feeding in the field

Hosting a free stock image library was fun and a great way to attract a new audience. Although we got many requests about using our images commercially in printed medium, that was not offered in the previous terms. And so after a few discussions at the end of last year we have decided to open up a professional stock image library – Duelling Pixels Photos – and join the big kids in the game. Don’t worry, there will still be free images available for website use, along with premium paid royalty-free images.

But now everyone has the freedom to use our premium images both for online and print purposes, the perfect compliment to any marketing campaign.

Two men climbing a rock ledge

Here is a quick run down of our photo licenses:


This is online license that can be used for a single blog post or article for FREE in exchange for a source credit and back link.

Content License:

Our content license is a standard non-transferable royalty-free image license for up 100,000 copies for printed material (excluding items for resale) and unlimited copies for use on your website.  Photos are available in three different sizes to suit your budget and use.

Unlimited Print License:

Our unlimited Print License extends the content license for an unlimited number of copies for printed material.

Products for Resale License:

Our Products for Resale License extends the content license for items of resale like t-shirts.

For those that love the details, no actually, this is for EVERYONE please read the full terms and conditions of image use here.

Otherwise, please explore the 750 plus images available in our collection at

Duelling Pixels Photos

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