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  • Woman smiling using tablet in Australian grocery store

    Future-Proofing Your Grocery Store with a Digital Sales Channel You Own

    Introduction You’re a local grocery store owner, proudly serving your community with fresh produce and quality products. You’ve built a loyal customer base over the years, but lately, you’ve noticed a shift in shopping habits. More and more people are turning to online platforms for their grocery needs, and you can’t help but wonder if…

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  • chat bot service concept. virtual assistant and crm software a

    An Introduction to Chatbots for Small Businesses

    Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a transformative shift in the business landscape, with digital technology reshaping how we work and interact. This isn’t just about switching from physical to digital; it’s about embracing tools that redefine customer engagement. One such tool catching the eye of many is the chatbot. While the local café might…

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  • woman buying fresh fruit and vegetables in sustainable plastic free grocery store

    How to Attract Consumers to Buy Groceries Online

    Many consumers are used to buying their household and electrical goods online, and they do so without a second thought. Still, they may not be accustomed to purchasing their groceries this way, and there is plenty of potential here for enterprising food retailers to persuade them to buy groceries online. How should these retailers capitalise…

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  • the delivery man gives the bag from grocery store to the woman t

    How Delivery Methods Factor Into the Potential for Online Grocery Sales

    If grocery store owners are to tap into the huge potential associated with online sales, they need to understand how to get the product to the consumer. There are several approaches to consider, so what are the options for delivering groceries after online purchase? Juggling Convenience Against Margins Margins in the grocery industry can sometimes…

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  • surprised married couple read email with profitable proposal from laptop

    WooCommerce Blocks Part 2 — Making the Most of WooCommerce Blocks

    With the release of WordPress 5.0, the new Gutenberg editor introduced the concept of ‘Blocks’. These are customised code objects that enable media-rich functionality using simple drag and drop editing for ease of use. It wasn’t long before the WordPress developers incorporated this editing experience into the platform’s premier eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce, which now has more than 20 WooCommerce Blocks…

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  • young spouses looking at computer screen choosing tour on vacation

    WooCommerce Blocks Part 1 — Getting Started With WooCommerce Blocks

    When WordPress 5.0 came out, they redeveloped the post editor or default page to make it more user-friendly and responsive. Unfortunately, WooCommerce is slower to adopt a refreshed and streamlined editing experience. Also, there are essential things that the plugin has to develop to make it easier to use. You can track how well the…

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  • woman is working at warehouse for online store.

    WooCommerce vs Shopify

    Success in the e-commerce sphere relies upon choosing the right platform for your store. Shopify and WooCommerce are two of the leaders in the market, but they represent very different propositions to business owners. So, which one is right for you? Read on as we compare WooCommerce and Shopify. Cost Comparison Shopify is available on…

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  • The Advantages of Using a Restaurant Online Ordering System

    The Advantages of Using a Restaurant Online Ordering System

    Delicious, high-quality food is necessary for success in the restaurant business, but customers may also make dining choices based on convenience. They might forego their favourite restaurant for an alternative that offers food ordering online, contactless pickup, or delivery. In today’s restaurant industry, these services are not merely nice extras for customers; they are necessary…

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  • closeup photo portrait of angry aggressive crazy unsatisfied holding looking at screen monitor she her lady wearing green casual pullover sweater

    What Small Businesses Need to Know About Google’s Core Web Vitals

    There was a time when starting a small business was something of a pipedream that very few pursued, simply because competing with established businesses was nearly impossible. But then the internet arrived, and the dream became a little more achievable. These days, the plethora of digital and cloud tools available mean that the smallest of…

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  • updating the delivery status of the shipment

    How to Structure Your eCommerce Website from an SEO Point of View

    These are exciting times if we want to sell products to as broad an audience as possible. It’s relatively easy to set up a website to display our product or services, and there are many payment processing solutions available to help gather the cash. But nobody said that it would be easy to make everything…

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  • 3 SEO task to do on your website

    3 SEO Improvements for Your Website as Businesses Face Quieter Times

    As businesses face quieter times, here are 3 SEO tasks to do on your website for a successful second half on the year Experts are now warning that the dreaded global economic recession following the worsening COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to hit. Global markets are still in turmoil as governments and central banks in various parts of…

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