Customer Feedback and Analytics: How Chatbots Can Offer Business Insights

customer feedback and analytics with AI

Chatbots are becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. 80% of retail and e-commerce businesses use or plan to use chatbots to interface with customers. Overall, 88% of customers interacted with a chatbot at least once during the past year, and a majority had a positive experience. 

The applications, powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) or rules-based responses, are attractive for customer service because they are available 24/7. And, they can interact with customers immediately, providing answers, recommendations, and troubleshooting support instantly. 

The benefits of chatbots go beyond efficient customer service. Online direct-to-consumer (DTC) and brick-and-mortar retailers can gain insights from these applications’ interactions with customers. In addition to collecting feedback, the applications can provide analytics data to inform decision-making and strategies. 

This is how chatbots can work behind the scenes to provide valuable insights to businesses. 

Realtime customer feedback
Realtime customer feedback with AI Chatbots

Real-Time Feedback Collection

The accessibility and convenience of chatbot interactions make it easier for companies to collect feedback as well as provide customer service. The speed at which the applications can collect information allows the company to respond in real time to customer opinions and insights. Benefits related to this real-time feedback collection include:

  • Immediate feedback: Customers can easily access chatbots from an e-commerce website without even closing their browser page. They can provide instant feedback after making a purchase, viewing an item, or comparing prices. This allows the sellers to make adjustments that could lead to more sales or better customer satisfaction. 
  • Real-time insights into customer concerns: Instant feedback can reveal customer concerns in real time. Visitors may only stay on a page for a few seconds, so fixing errors and making improvements quickly is vital for a successful online business. The real-time nature of chatbots makes them effective for putting instant feedback to work.
  • The knowledge to improve customer satisfaction: The biggest benefit of real-time feedback collection is the ability to address customer concerns and provide answers immediately. Customers can get the answers they want or be directed to the product or page they need without having to wait.

The real-time nature of chatbots allows businesses to put feedback and insights into action immediately to improve customer experiences and drive more sales. 

Automated Data Analysis

AI-powered tools like ChatGPT can streamline data analysis from chatbots to provide you with actionable insights. These automated tools can improve analysis in the following ways:

  • Categorising and analysing feedback: ChatGPT can collect data from chatbot logs, organise it into predefined categories, and clean it to remove symbols or unnecessary words. It also has the power to organise findings into reports or visualise data so that the insights are more clear. 
  • Identifying trends and issues: Users can also rely on ChatGPT to find trends and patterns in the data. For instance, it can quickly find similar data points that reveal recurring issues customers are having. It can also use NLP to gauge the sentiment of comments and provide a more accurate reading of chatbot interactions. Together, this information can provide a comprehensive view of customer opinions and experiences. 
  • Time and resource efficiency: The biggest advantage of ChatGPT is that it can automate analysis and report creation. These processes would take a long time if done manually. 

With AI taking over analytics, you are free to work on the core tasks that drive your business.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customers are more willing to provide feedback and offer insights if it is easy to do so. Chatbots facilitate this engagement by encouraging interaction, inspiring higher feedback rates, and collecting large amounts of data. 

  • Encouraging interaction: Chatbots are always accessible. They will often open right on the browser page, and everyone familiar with messaging apps will know how to interact with a chatbot without any additional direction. 
  • Higher feedback response rates: The ease of use makes feedback more likely. Customers only have to carve a few seconds to type text into a chatbot. It is much faster than a call or email, so they are more likely to offer insights. 
  • Larger dataset for analysis: The increased engagement leads to more useful data. Large datasets can reveal more trends and patterns, providing deeper insights into customer experience. More information also ensures that anomalies don’t skew the data and hide actual trends. 

Overall, because of their ease of use and convenience, chatbots are an effective tool for getting information from customers for your analysis efforts. 

Personalised Customer Insights with AI chatbots
Track and analyse customer data more efficiently

Personalised Customer Insights

Chatbots work at the macro level to collect data on overall customer experience. However, they are also effective at defining the needs and preferences of individuals. The following are the ways personalisation can positively impact your business:

  • Tracking interactions and preferences: Chatbot logs can contain data about individual customers. With this information, you can create databases of the customer’s preferences, favourite items, and specific interests. This profile can help tailor communications and inform interactions with the customer. 
  • Creating personalised strategies: The customer profile can be useful for creating highly targeted ads or offers or placing the customer into a marketing category with others with similar preferences. It can also streamline customer service, with representatives able to see a customer’s complete profile. 
  • Higher retention and loyalty: Understanding individual preferences and needs can help your company make connections with customers and provide them with what they want. Two-thirds of customers expect personalisation, and those who don’t expect it may appreciate the personalised communications and offers and remain loyal to a company that provides it. 

For this function, you need chatbots that you can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) tools. 

Cost-Effective Solution

Chatbots might require an initial investment, but overall, they can save you money on operating and marketing costs. These savings are especially evident for small businesses. Here is an overview of the cost-saving potential. 

  • Cost comparison with traditional methods: Chatbots can collect data 24/7 without human intervention. Once they are set up, there is no need to craft marketing emails or conduct surveys. You can collect data without investing in employee hours. 
  • Reducing manual data entry: Using analytics tools like ChatGPT and automating data entry and organisation can also reduce the need for manual inputs. In addition to reducing employee hours on labour-intensive projects, automation frees your team to work on higher-level tasks that can positively impact your sales. 
  • Financial benefits for small businesses: Automated data collection and analysis can be useful for small businesses with limited budgets. Once the chatbot and data analytics systems are set up, they can collect information and provide insights without additional investment.

It’s important to look beyond the initial investment for a chatbot and calculate the overall cost savings of using it versus other methods of customer surveying and analytics. 

Continuous Improvement

The real-time nature of chatbots allows them to continuously collect and send data for analysis. In industries like retail, customer needs and preferences can change based on the season, economy, and other factors. The factors below show how this continuous process can help your company. 

  • Ongoing feedback collection: As chatbots are online 24/7, they can offer insights constantly, allowing you to analyse specific times of day and seasons. You can also monitor new products and fine-tune listings or marketing. 
  • Maintaining high standards: New issues may come up during regular business operations. With constant feedback, you can identify and account for any problems that interfere with the quality experience you attempt to give customers. 
  • Staying competitive: Customers’ expectations may change based on what your competitors are doing. The ongoing feedback collection allows you to define these changing expectations and address them to counteract competitors’ strategies. 

Importantly, these ongoing insights don’t require extensive changes to your chatbots or analytics setups. 

Finding the Right Chatbot for Your Business

Chatbots are an integral part of online and in-person retail businesses. Aside from their obvious customer service applications, these programs can collect insights and data from customers. This information can inform business decisions and help measure performance and marketing strategies. 

Your business can use chatbots to gain valuable insights while giving customers immediate access to basic troubleshooting, recommendations, and answers. 

Different chatbot solutions offer unique features and tools that can accommodate your needs. You need to first define what those needs are and then seek out solutions that meet them. A great way to get started on your search is to get help from IT experts who are familiar with the inner workings of chatbots and know how to integrate them into existing customer relationship management and analytics software.

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