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General website stuff! How to guides, tricks and other random stuff.

  • And so that was summer….

    And so that was summer….

    As the month rolled into March I realised two things, firstly we still hadn’t managed to get the first post out to welcome the new year and secondly that summer…

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  • Great Designs Included

    Great Designs Included

    To help get your website looking professional in the quickest time possible we have put together a great selection of HTML 5 designs that are included with our web hosting…

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  • Keyword Research

    There is a lot of buzz around at the moment about keyword research. But what is it exactly, and why should we be doing it for our website content? Firstly,…

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  • Built with WordPress

    Built with WordPress

    Why WordPress? Over the past years, I have spent many hours tinkering with the web and testing various project ideas, some successful, some not.  I have always ‘bootstrapped’ my projects…

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  • What is Creative Platoon?

    What is Creative Platoon?

    Creative Platoon is the accumulation 0f past and present experience of two individuals; myself, Nicholas Duell and writer, Rakhee Ghelani. Bringing together the shared knowledge and experience from different professional working…

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