Why Blogging and SEO Are So Important to Your Small Business

Why Blogging and SEO Are So Important to Your Small Business

Today’s customer is different from the traditional customers described in most sales and business books. Today’s customer wants education and resources. They want to know the in’s and out’s of a product or service before purchasing it.

Where are they finding this information? Through search engines.

Don’t worry, your company can provide valuable insight for both new and returning customers. This is done with blogging.

Marketers who prioritize content such as blogging are 13x more likely to receive a positive ROI.

That’s because blogs are essential for positive search engine optimisation, or SEO. Better yet, blogs can be about anything and are perfect for every industry.

Here are other reasons why your business needs blogging and SEO.

A Blog Connects You to Your Audience

As mentioned previously, your customers are looking and researching for industry insight and news, which helps them feel more comfortable when buying goods and services. Your blog is a convenient resource they can turn to when they have any questions or concerns.

In addition, your readers can interact with your blog in additional ways, other than buying a product.

They can sign up for your email list, informing them when you’re having a sale, promotion, or just to read the latest blog post.

They may also share the blog on social media, connecting their network to your company and driving more traffic to your blog.

Your Blogs Keep Your Visitors on Your Website for Longer

The modern business owner is faced with a new catastrophe — short attention spans. You have between 10 and 20 seconds to win over a website visitor.

Retaining your customer’s attention may seem like a chore, but hosting a blog keeps them engaged for longer.

Also, your enticing blog may be enough for your website visitors to keep coming back — eventually leading to sales.

Keeps Your Website Updated with Latest Information

Every industry has news, trends, and updates. As a savvy business owner, you likely keep up with these trends. Why not prove this on your blog?

Publishing fresh and relevant content will tell customers you’re a knowledgeable business. Your devotion to fresh content may even put you on the map as an influencer.

Don’t only focus on publishing brand new content. Make it an effort to edit already published blogs. For example, let’s say you published a blog on trends for the previous year.

As well as publishing a new blog, update the previous year’s blog for current trends.

Blogging and SEO Influences Conversions

The easiest way to boost your conversions is with blogging and SEO. These methods are simple and versatile, so you can use your blog to accomplish many goals.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to increase traffic on a specific landing page. You can use SEO tactics to boost your landing page results.

Besides, you can internally link your landing page to other blogs. This method also helps boost your overall SEO results, since Google can crawl your blogs and recognise your landing page.

Helps Your Target Keywords

To receive SEO success, a key strategy is targeting specific keywords on search engines.

These can be industry-specific keywords, ones your competitors are ranking for, and overall just keywords that have high search traffic and low difficulty.

Want to rank for specific keywords? You can optimise your blog for these keywords.

Optimizing these keywords helps you appear higher on search results. That’s because Google can easily crawl your blogs, targeting your main keyword while also ranking your website for secondary keywords.

You’ll Establish Yourself as an Influencer or Authority

One of the hardest aspects of SEO is gaining influencer or authority status. This entails other websites backlinking to your website. Moreover, it’s harder to receive backlinks if your company doesn’t have a blog.

The act of linking out tells their readers your blog is the authority figure they trust. In addition, Google crawls those blogs and picks up on your blog, ranking your blog higher in search engine results.

Gaining an influencer status isn’t impossible. You have to keep releasing high-quality content.

To put your linking campaign in overdrive, you can start guest posting or invest in a link building company.

Be sure that company isn’t a link building farm that invests in black SEO campaigns, resulting in degrading search engine performance.

How to Rank Your Blog

Now that you know the significance of SEO and your blog, it’s time to rank your blog. Here’s how.

Optimize Each Blog Post

For every blog you create, develop the same SEO-driven strategy to rank each blog.

This includes conducting keyword research, optimising your blog for high-ranking main and secondary keywords, and abiding by easy-to-read formatting guides.

Achieve an SEO-Friendly Design

High SEO results are not limited to the content itself. The blog’s design also impacts your SEO results. The way your content is displayed and specific design factors (colour schemes, font, etc.) affect the readership.

Don’t Forget the Plugins!

Just about all major CMS platforms host a variety of SEO-specific plugins.

Plugins are software that provides additional functions to your website. While you can achieve SEO tactics on a CMS platform such as WordPress without plugins, plugins offer more SEO tactics that aren’t available on the traditional system.

Build Those Links!

We mentioned the importance of both internal and external linking. These are core SEO strategies you should implement for each blog post.

How do you find external links? First, search for non-competitor websites in your industry. Examples include news websites and popular blogs.

You can also search for terms in Google to see if a major news or blogging website covered your industry.

Why does external linking help? Google will recognise your blog in relation to other blogs in your niche.

Internal linking also helps Google recognise your brand better.

Internal linking is linking to other pages on your website. This helps keep readers on your website longer while helping Google recognise your website, your products, and your blog.

Do You Need SEO Help?

Now that you know blogging and SEO are beneficial to your company, you also noticed both take much time, effort, and expertise. Do you not have available resources to handle your own SEO? Take a look at our SEO services.

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