How to Sell Food Online: The Complete Guide

Are you looking to learn how to sell food online, but don’t know where to start?

People are busy and prefer to shop at online stores that sell everything from home furniture to groceries and cooked food.
If you’re a business owner who’d like to hop on the e-commerce trend, now is the best time to start reaching new audiences.
Keep reading to discover how to transfer your brick-and-mortar food business online the easy way.

Learn How to Sell Food Online

Selling packaged food online sounds simple, but there’s a lot that goes into it.
You have to follow state laws, get a dedicated kitchen for the food, have safe packaging, and reliable shipping methods.
Read below to see how to get started and set up your e-commerce store.

Obey the Law

Many food items are perishable, which is why they’re mostly sold in physical stores.
For e-commerce, you must obey selling baked goods online laws before you launch the store.
Each state and country in the world has established guidelines that apply to the following:

  • The type of food you’re selling
  • The product packaging and ingredients
  • The kitchen you use to prepare the food
  • Food safety

Check with your local council to inquire what you’ll need to do before you register an online food business.

Get the Appropriate Licenses

Selling food products online can be risky, especially with perishable foods.
No matter what kind of food you sell, you can’t open an online store without obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.
First, check if you need a separate business license for the online store if you already have a physical location. Then, you’ll need food handler licenses for your employees, a designated kitchen, and insurance.
Each state has different regulations, so make sure you’re in full compliance with them before you sell a single item online. To find your regulations and licenses required for state visit Australian Business Licence and Information Service
Otherwise, you do some further reading for the requirements in you state here:

Set Up Your Online Store

You already know how to sell food in-store, but selling online is a whole different experience.
First, you’ll need to build an online store through an e-commerce platform.  Most platforms offer themes built according to business type. You can customise the colours, menu, navigation, and the entire look of the website.
For example, if you sell snacks online, you can add some fun snaps of your snacks at a party table to appeal to the customers.
Then, add product photos and descriptions, payment methods, and write the web copy. You can also set up a blog and share recipes and tips for your audience.
You can also register a domain name through Crazy Domains.
Here at Seedling Commerce, we have built a platform that is tailored towards selling groceries or cooked meals online and offering delivery for your costumer’s connivence. Our themes have been designed to highlight your brand while offering ease of use across all devices.
Plus all our plans come with a setup service to allow you to focus on your business.

Decide on Shipping/Delivery and Handling Methods

The final step in selling food items online is the shipping or delivery. You want the food to reach the destination in perfect condition.
You’ll need high-quality shipping boxes, insulation to keep the food fresh, padding to avoid breakage, and a reliable shipping company.

Selling Food Online is Easy With These Tips!

Now that you know how to sell food online, it’s time to set up your online shop!
Check out our powerful e-commerce solutions and create the online store of your dreams.
Contact us today to get a free demo!

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