Website Redesign: What to Expect and How It Will Increase Sales

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As of the end of December 2018, there were 4.1 billion internet users across the world. That’s over half of the world’s population. 

Spending money online is becoming increasingly more common. In fact, it’s estimated that in 2019, it is expected that 1.92 billion people will purchase one or more things on the internet.

The Australian eCommerce market value is predicted to reach $36.5 million by 2021 ( US$21,224m). 8 out of 10 Australians already shop online, which is why a new website design can be an excellent way to generate more sales.

The more online sales there are, the more competition grows. That’s why it’s essential that your product or service stands out from your competitors.

Do you want to know what to expect? Keep reading to learn all about website redesign and how it may benefit you and your business. 

It Will Put Your Website at the Top of the Page

Most people will never look at any results past the first page when conducting their online searches.

The way that businesses make waves as one of the top results for a particular search is by improving their search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines and people alike love to see fresh and updated content. Typically new and relevant content will produce an uptick in search ranking.

There are many ways that you can accelerate the growth of your business through search engine inquiries, such as:

  • Improving link structure
  • Incorporating relevant keywords into your content
  • Keeping things clean and simple
  • Improving mobile responsiveness
  • Updating front end (User Experience)

Brand visibility, sales growth, and expanding your business community are all things you will continue to be proud of when you keep your website fresh, appealing, and easy to use.

You’ll Build Your Business Community and Build Trust

In order to stand up to your competition, you want to make sure that your business is seen as consistent, organized, relevant, and lively.

Outdated information, faulty internal links, bugs, and a lack of presence will all affect your business in a negative way. The way that you can build trust with your buyers, sellers, collaborators and anyone else involved in your business is by keeping their experience on your website as enjoyable and seamless as it can be.

The more that you invest in your online presence, the more that others are likely to invest in you or your product. Plus, customers don’t want to be a part of something if you aren’t. When people become loyal to a product or service, they often do so as a result of a great product but also because of the community around that product.

Posting regular and relevant blogs, especially ones that are well-written and contain SEO words, will solidify your presence on your own website. Responding to comments and building relationships with your customers will make them customers for life and will encourage them to spread the word.

Check out the many ways in which blogs are so important for your business.

User Experience and Accessibility

The same way that trends change in automobiles, fashion, sports, nutrition, and other sectors of the world, trends change in technology and web design as well.

Websites, when left alone, will fall out of sync with technology. Furthermore, bugs and ignored updates will make it easy for your customers to seek out an alternative. Don’t give them a reason to do that. If your website is cluttered, outdated, or hard to use in any way, your customers will begin to go in a different direction.

Your Call to Action buttons should work, and be relevant. You want to change them on a regular basis so that those customers who are dedicated, continue to have new material to read, new ways to save, and new items or services to purchase.

Your conversion rate will increase when you are paying attention to what turns people off or what inspires them to come back. With a web design or re-design, the designers will study web analytics, content, and call-to-action buttons to see what drives users to conversion. You’ll be able to decrease your bounce rate and increase customer outreach.

You’ll Improve Mobile Use

It’s essential that your website works not only on a computer or a tablet but on a phone as well. With our day-to-day, moment-to-moment use of smartphones, mobile website traffic now exceeds desktop traffic.

If an individual attempts to visit you on your mobile site but outdated front and back end information make it difficult to do so, chances are they’ll stop there. Your website should be appealing and easy to use across all devices.

You also want to make sure that your brand is visible and cohesive for all of those devices. Your website, no matter where it is viewed, should reflect your business and brand.

You’ll Gain and Improve Your Website’s Security

When your website software is up to date and you have a strong and ever-improving code, there is less of a chance for hackers to breach your security.

A website development team will help you ensure that your site is as secure as it can be.

Website Redesign Can Do Wonders for Your Business

With over half of the world on the internet, and shopping online increasing exponentially, a website redesign is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Not only will it improve your security, but it will help you build stronger relationships with your customers and entice new ones to do the same.

Are you inspired to redesign your website? Look at some of the many ways you can do so, or contact us today with any questions.

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